滑台式伸縮腳踏車的創新技術,是以滑台伸縮功能,取代傳統的折疊功能,使腳踏車達到縮放的便利性、安全性、實用性同時兼具環保性(因操作簡單,容易攜入電 梯、置放屋內,解決自行車的停車與失竊問題,也解決大都會地區的自行車公害),是真正名符其實的伸縮腳踏車。

Sliding Bike Development Ltd. was found on March 31, 2005, with NT$ 30 million capital. Since our establishment, we have been dedicated to the innovation and development of sliding bike technology, and we have managed to fabricate the sliding bikes which are superior to traditional ones in terms of functionality and performance. It is very easy to operate and use.

This patented and ideal product is a perfection combination of bicycle functions and mechanical principles. Multiple patents have been granted to us from Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, the United States of America, and German. Its core competitiveness focuses mainly on the combination of product innovation and customers’ requirement, so that the implementation of the idea has helped win numerous gold medals in various international and domestic invention exhibitions.