加拿大碳纖維車架品牌,1989年誕生,由加拿大名將Gervais Rioux創立。

ARGON18在三鐵車、計時車界據有崇高的地位,計時車款E-114奪得自行車界最高榮譽EURO BIKE 08設計大獎、以及加拿大蒙特婁工業設計大獎。

This is the story of a little kid riding his very first bike race

This is the story of a combative little kid riding his very first bike race. His bike is nothing special; heavy, a mass-produced clunker with fat tires. The kid looks kinda funny too. This being Canada, he’s borrowed a buddy’s hockey helmet to ride the race, a race he ends up winning. It’s 1973 and the kid’s name is Gervais Rioux and he’s about to discover a whole new world, the wonderful world of cycling and he decides right there and then that he is going to make that world his. A few years later, he witnesses the 1976 Olympics in Montreal and there’s no turning back now, his path is set: he too must reach the topmost rung of the ladder, the pinnacle of cycling achievement, pushing the envelope to the limit.