「班納德BANNARD」成立於2009年, 對於歐州鋼管自行車工藝非常折服與熱愛, 特別著迷於復古車架俐落流線的線條興每個管材接頭細緻的LUG雕花。

單車在歐洲早己跳脫代步或競技的框架, 嚴然以一種優雅的藝術品之姿呈現.故,不過份強調功能, 並努力將自行車的百年工藝融以現代的純熟技術, 讓復古與現代Mix & Match, 這就是「班納德BANNARD」一直堅持並持續努力的目標。

「班納德BANNARD」致力於鋼管車的研發與改良, 我們堅信單車不只是單車, 它是一種行動的藝術、更是一種生活的態度。

BANNARD is established in May of year 2009. Regarding the technics of the Europeanism Cr-Mo bicycle,BANNARD design team is so much sincerely admiring and fascinated, especially the ancient style art with streamline and exquisite LUG design. Bicycle in Europe is not representing for racing and biking only, it is the representative of graceful art. Upon this wonderful art, function is not emphasized too much, we should act upon the modern technology to restore this hundred year craft, let the modern and ancient to be integrated. This is what we focus; this is what BANNARD insists on. BANNARD is focusing on the design and modification on Cr-Mo bike, we believe Bike is not just a bike, it is moving technology even its deference to the life.